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Great Leaps is a mission driven company fueled by a passion for equipping students for success through simple, effective and fun educational interventions. We have effective language and math interventions but are best known for our one-on-one Reading Intervention. For 20+ years, hundreds of thousands of students with a range of challenges including dyslexia have been to the independent reading level in 15 minutes a day with Great Leaps.

Hamlin University Review


This study looks at the impact of Great Leaps, a specialized supplemental oral reading fluency program, on two elementary English Language Learners.  Key influences include experience in schools, district mandates, and The National Reading Panel in 2000 which highlighted fluency instruction as an area needing attention.  The research was conducted in the ESL classroom using instruction and systematic observations of the two subject’s performance.  The study concluded that placing attention on oral reading fluency results in improvements.

Sanctuary on 8th Street


We believe that the most effective intervention occurs when there is a strong supportive and trusting relationship established between the student and the teacher.

Sanctuary on 8th Street


This tutoring program provides exceptional and measurable results in reading fluency & math proficiency. Our tutors and volunteers provide one on one, guided intervention. The program is run by a retired educator and a team of trained volunteers. The program is administered daily so students receive one hour of tutoring a week. Interested in joining the team? The training is simple and the rewards are immense.